Agricultural field trials

Planning, transaction and analysis of agricultural field trials is one of the most important fields of activity in our company. Being officially approved institution for trials in arable cropping, vegetable gardening and hop growing
(GEP-certificate according to § 1c part 5 plant protection act), we perform a multitude of trials on open field sites in cooperation with reliable farming companies. On top of this, running our own experimental field station in Thiemendorf allows for perennial or demandingly complex trials.

Mainly performing big plot field trials, we can also conduct small plot trials and field demonstration. We offer these kinds of studies:

  • Agrochemical trials
  • Fertilizer trials
  • Variety trials
  • Trials on cropping-related methods

Our services in performing trials include:

  • Marketing- and premarketing-trials
  • Trials on efficacy
  • Succeding crop trials
  • Residue studies