Biometrics and data management

It is a common problem of agricultural and environmental areas that vast amounts of data are inadequately statistically analyzed. In particular, integrating analyses (meta-analyses), offering a sustainable generalization of the results of separate studies and therefore making them accessible to practical use, are often missing.

Data originating from environmental, agricultural or ecological studies are quite often linked by a spatial relationship. Geographical information systems (GIS) are an important tool for management and analysis of this kind of data. Using this technology, data are kept clearly organized and information may be presented as intersection of data of different informational levels. Furthermore this technology allows geostatistical analysing of spacial data.

This field of work quite often requires time-consuming data research, demanding extensive knowledge of existing sources of information as well as qualified use of computational resources.

We offer these kinds of services:

  • Univariant-statistical data analyses
  • Multivariant-statistical studies
  • Statistical modelling
  • GIS-applications
  • Geo statistics
  • Data and literature research, preferably covering agricultural, ecological and environmental topics
  • Creation of databases and database-management