Research and development

Working on research and development projects is another focus of our work, covering applied ecological as well as agricultural topics. Especially challenging are complex interdisciplinary fields of research, e.g. examinations of environmentally viable use of resources (fertilizer, pesticides and energy sources) or sustained agricultural land use. Aiming at successfully dealing with these topics requires a high level of interdisciplinary cooperation. Therefore, U.A.S. sets a high value in cooperation with other companies and research facilities.

Our fields of work cover:

  • Applied agricultural research projects, e.g. soil protection, pesticide residues, nutrient balances
  • Plant protection projects
  • Research on global changes of environmental conditions and their effects on agricultural land use (e.g. succeeding crops, plant protection, fertilization)
  • Analysis of patterns of harmful substances
  • Bioindicators and -monitoring
  • Agricultural and soil ecology
  • Biodiversity and biological invasions